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REID Steel Worldwide
REIDsteel Grandstands can be found all over the World - from Aston Villa's Villa Park Stadium in the UK, to Montserrat FA's football grounds in the West Indies. REIDsteel have been making all kinds of steel structures since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Stadium Materials

Stadium Canopy and Cladding Materials

stadium canopy and cladding technical drawingThe grandstand roof, fascia and rear in temperate climates should be a Plastisol Coated Steel material. In hot sunny climates and humid climates, double sided long life enamels will be better.

The grandstands purlins may be plain Zeta zeds; or zeds with bird preventers. For a little more, the purlins can be hot rolled box sections, hot dip galvanised inside and out.

Where the stand does not go to the corner flag, or on a cricket or athletics or racing stands the end should be open with a rail.

Where the grandstand ends are open the roof and near wall can cantilever past the end to give more protection from sun or rain.

In temperate climates where the stand covers the full width the ends should be clad in, to the toe or near the toe. It may have translucents or glass materials.

Concrete and Steel Stadium Terraces

Where precast is readily available, precast L shaped terrace planks are a good solution. They may need a special fire proof sealant material, which can be costly. They are more fire resistant than other terraces, but heavier.

Alternatively REIDsteel can produce steel formwork to support your in-situ concrete stadium terraces.

REIDsteel can produce anti skid steel terraces, hot dip galvanised for long life. They require much less foundations. The materials are completely demountable and re-usable. They provide excellent cost effective grandstands for every use. Facilities underneath may need their own fire protection.

Precast Planks

precast planks drawing

In-Situ Formwork

in-situ formwork drawing

All Steel

all steel drawing

Stadium Flooring Construction

Where hollow cored precast concrete stadium flooring planks are readily available Precast Planks are good for the floors of the internal stadium accommodation.

Alternatively we can produce galvanised composite or lost formwork decking materials for your in situ slabs.

On many occasions anti skid galvanised steel flooring may produce the most suitable flooring. It is lighter and demountable. It is not easy to waterproof or fire protect if accommodation is needed underneath.

Locally provided Precast Concrete Planks

precast concrete planks drawing

REIDsteel Galvanised decking and joists with no propping

galvanised decking drawing

Anti skid steel decking

anti skid steel decking drawing

Concrete Vomitories

Vomitories and stairs may be made in heavy precast concrete.

concrete vomitories drawing

Steel Vomitories

Alternatively the material used in the vomitories and stairs may be steel, either with infill coated steel sheeting, or vertical galvanised steel bars. Handrails will have Newel posts with spherical knobs.

materials steel vomitory drawing
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