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REID Steel Worldwide
REIDsteel Grandstands can be found all over the World - from Aston Villa's Villa Park Stadium in the UK, to Montserrat FA's football grounds in the West Indies. REIDsteel have been making all kinds of steel structures since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Entry / Exit

Front Entry Stadia Design

The cheapest, easiest and safest entry / exit design for a stadium or grandstand is via the front. This can be used if there are less than 23 terrace rows. The drawback is that people pass in front of spectators; especially bad if the home team is doing badly, where they are obvious to the team.

front entry technical drawing

Rear Entry Stadium Plans

A Rear entry stadium plan is excellent because people coming and leaving provide minimum obstruction. The drawbacks are

  • The extra cost for stairs
  • People get tired walking up stairs, only to re-descend
  • The safety aspect if there is a fire or other calamity
  • Poor for disabled access
rear entry technical drawing

Front and Rear Entry Stadia Design

Front and rear entry stadia design is probably the best. The rear entry is for almost everyone. Stewards will allow the old, infirm and disabled to enter by the front. Exit prior to the end will only be by the rear. Exit at the end, and emergency exit, will be by the front where it should be.

front and rear entry technical drawing


Terraces with more than 23 rows, and most second tier terraces, will usually have vomitories. The drawbacks are:

  • The waste of good seats
  • The cost of the vomitories
  • The sight obstruction they cause
  • The safety in event of a fire
  • The jams around the mouths
vomitories technical drawing

Horizontal Gangway Stadia Design

Horizontal Gangway stadia design use up good viewing positions and make obstructive guard rails necessary so are only used when circumstances force it on the stand.

horizontal gangways technical drawing

Stadia Designs For Disabled Access

The disabled should have access to representative proportions of the stadium or grandstand. If a lift is provided, be careful. Consideration in the design must be given to exit in emergency situations, or safe refuges while waiting evacuation. If the disabled area is at the front of the stadium, there is no problem for wheelchairs, or helpers, who get excellent positions at no great increase in price.

disabled access technical drawing

A horizontal gangway may be extended to other zones. Ramps provide excellent safe exit / entrance for disabled users, though they use up a lot of space.

Stadium Tunnel Plans

A stadium tunnel will connect the toe of the terrace to the accommodation underneath and behind it at ground level. It is standard for the players entrance to the pitch. The tunnel would infer front access if used for general spectators.

The tunnel can also connect the disabled to facilities underneath the stand.

The tunnel wastes more space than a vomitory, and obstructs more vision.

big stands technical drawing
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