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REIDsteel Grandstands can be found all over the World - from Aston Villa's Villa Park Stadium in the UK, to Montserrat FA's football grounds in the West Indies. REIDsteel have been making all kinds of steel structures since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Cricket Ground Design and Construction

Cricket grandstands in temperate climates do not necessarily need canopies; but the construction of these are essential in hot tropical sunny countries. Cricket grandstands in hot countries need to be made in short lengths - 57m or even 43m - with gaps between them and ventilated at the sides and the rear. It should be possible to undertake the construction of 8×57m stands or 10×43m stands or a combination of both around a ground.

In temperate climates cricket can be viewed from all round the perimeter, though the North and South ends are best for seeing the swing of the ball. In tropical countries, the North Stands and the South Stands will probably require the most construction and should be the most developed. This will ensure that spectators are sheltered from the sun all day, and never have the sun in their eyes. But all the grounds have these North and South stands ruined by sight screens. Here it is necessary to take advantage of the REIDsteel patent sloping, sliding sight screen (see Sightscreen).

Because of the distance from the cricket stadia to the actual play area, it is a good thing to bring the stands as close as possible to the boundary. This may involve some compromises with viewing standards. REIDsteel can help make the best of these stadium viewing difficulties. Traditionally cricket stadia has often been built with forests of columns, and obstruction of the view has been taken for granted. But as in other sports there is no need for obstruction, or in the worst cases obstruction should be as little as possible. REIDsteel can design and build unobstructed grandstands for you. Because of the distance, and because of shortage of space, many grounds have two tier, or multi-tier grandstands, often built vertically, often with closely spaced and very large columns which ruin the view that the stand was built for.

REIDsteel can help you with the design and construction of multi-tier grand stands with maximum clear views of the ground and minimum column obstructions. Grandstands on the East and West sides (at least) should have the minimum possible interference with sunlight. The sun travelling over the canopies produces shade, particularly from the west side in the closing overs. To face bowling at 90 miles per hour from a distance of 20 yards is dangerous enough and almost impossibly difficult; but if the cricket ball passes through alternate patches of sun and shade it appears and disappears as it hurtles towards the batsman. Cricket Stadia should never be designed to produce intermittent light and shade on the ground so no protruding posts, ballooning canopies and other architectural foolishness should stick out above the canopy. This should be forward sloping, as low as possible, and smooth. Designers of other side canopies should face Brett Lee one evening.

Features of a Cricket Grandstand

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