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REID Steel Worldwide
REIDsteel Grandstands can be found all over the World - from Aston Villa's Villa Park Stadium in the UK, to Montserrat FA's football grounds in the West Indies. REIDsteel have been making all kinds of steel structures since the 1920s and there are constantly projects on the drawing board.

Auditorium, Arena Design & Construction

Theatres, Auditoriums and Arenas are all buildings in which large crowds of people can sit (or stand) to watch a performance or game. The design of a arenas is usually much bigger than a theatre. They are a combination of a wide span building and grandstands. Both of the components should be designed and built as an entity

As with grandstands, it is important that the design should enable everyone to see the stage or the field of play. In an arena, the field of play is usually at floor level, and the same rules for viewing standards apply as for grandstands. In theatres or auditoriums, there is usually an elevated stage. The people near the front are looking up, and there can be several rows of seats on the same level which still allow viewing. Behind these, the design and construction of the seating area has to be sloped to allow people to see over the heads of those in front.

In many instances, the area that people want to see only takes up a small part in front of the seating area, and as people near the front do not like to sit looking sharply to the left or the right, the banks of seats are often narrower at the front, radiating out wider towards the rear. The design and construction seating in the theatre, auditorium or area can be telescopic, and can be retracted to give greater flat areas. It can be on railways stored under the stage, and pulled out onto the flat area of floor when needed.

The width of the goings can vary with the use. A cinema can have a design whereby it has closely spaced rows and seats, because people are not in them for too long. A concert hall may need a design where it has wider rows for people sitting for longer periods. If there is a need for writing surfaces, for example in a lecture theatre, then rows will be 900mm or more wide.

Most of these structures have a permanent roof design (with no columns). However, we can also design and install sliding roofs if required. Roofs can focus reflected sound in unpleasant ways and it may be necessary to hang baffles down to break up such sound waves. The back wall can also reflect sound and again can be shaped with walls or curtains or other baffles.

There is really no limit to the sizes of the spans you can cover. A look at shows very attractive and cost effective patent REIDsteel Archspan frames up to 200m spans, big enough for the biggest football ground with 50m of grandstand, 10m of clear space, 65m of full size football pitch, 10m and 50m again, the largest size allowable for viewing in a 185m clear span.

REIDsteel have years of experience in the design and construction of wide span buildings and grandstands. See below for examples of existing REIDsteel arenas, auditoriums and theatres.

View examples of Auditoriums & Arena Construction built by REIDsteel.

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